By on November 30, 2016

Our Video Production Process


Pre-Production – Making a Plan For Success

Before starting your project, we determine what works best for you.  We conduct a detailed interview to determine your unique needs and define your project requirements.  Part of this process includes an onsite evaluation to scout out the best locations, subjects, and props for a comprehensive video shoot.  We establish a shooting schedule that incorporates the best opportunities for optimal sound and action. We also determine the scope of the project and estimate the production timeline.


Production – Lights, Camera, Action

Equipped with the information and requirements gathered during the pre-production phase, our team comes prepared to create a high-quality HD product. We take your concept and make your voice stronger, your message clearer, and your product more visible.


Post-Production – Bringing It All Together

We provide the highest quality editing and graphics treatment to ensure your video looks great on the medium of your choice. Whether your video is on the big screen, a website, or social media, The Directed Edge delivers the impact you desire.


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